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PPE Suits are protective clothing, protective footwear, or any other garments or equipment specifically designed to prevent bodily injury or damage to the wearer’s physical body. The main threats addressed by personal protective equipment are thermal, chemical, and physical hazards.

Thermal Protection

Wearing PPE Protective Clothing helps you prevent injury from thermal sources, such as fire. PPE can also reduce the risk of burns that may be caused by electric fires. This is important because fire can spread quickly, thus, protecting your body from the effects of a fire that could harm you instantly.

Chemical Protection

In most circumstances, chemical protection is important for those working with toxic or hazardous materials. Body Protection Suits available at Safe Kitz are made up of special fabrics that absorb the harmful effects of dangerous chemical agents. These include those that are hazardous to the skin, eyes, and respiratory systems.

PPE Clothing - Full Body Protective Suits
Full Body Protective suits - PPE Clothing

Protective Footwear

If you work in or around water, protective body suits also protects you from water-borne hazards. PPE shoes protect your feet, ankles, and knees from injuries due to falling into puddles. They also help you walk and run with confidence, avoiding accidents and falls. PPE footwear also minimizes abrasions from abrasive water and protect your feet from burns from chemical spills.

Airborne Hazards

When it comes to airborne hazards, PPE clothing available at Safe Kitz not only keeps you safe in water and in the air, but also gives you protection against biological hazards as well. PPE covers your entire body, including your head, arms, legs, torso, arms, hands, and feet. This includes items like respirators and masks, which you need to wear if you’re working with biological hazards.



PPE clothing works closely with safety equipment, such as biological hazard suits or HEPA gear, to prevent your exposure to hazardous substances and chemicals. Our biohazard suits provide the wearer with full protection from inhaling toxins and breathing in small particles or aerosols. Biohazards are anything that is harmful to your health, including: chemicals; biological weapons; biological aerosols and spores; radioactive materials; radon emissions; and radiation.

Respiratory Hazards

PPE clothes and safety gear also offer you protection from the negative effects of chemical fumes, vapors, and gases, especially in the case of chemical fumes and vapors from fires. These include: breathing masks to prevent inhalation of chemicals or vapors; special gloves and gowns to protect your eyes and face; and HEPA filters to reduce the risk of exposure to bacteria. and dust and debris. These respirators also help protect against dust and debris from being inhaled. when you’re cleaning up after a spill or fire.

Designed To Protect You

Our full-body protective suits have been designed to protect the human body from hazardous exposure to toxic materials by absorbing most of the harmful effects of hazardous chemicals, such as radiation, aerosols, solvents, and heavy metals. These suits include both sleeves and body covering. Most full-body protective clothing also include protection against abrasion, puncture and burn injuries, chemicals and biological hazards. Because these suits can be very expensive, they are typically worn only by professionals such as doctors, engineers, construction workers and scientists.

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