Reusable Protective Pullovers for Sale

Safe Kitz’s protective pullovers have been designed to provide a high degree of safety during all working activities. They replace or cover the main garment of the individual, and their primary function is to protect the user  from being exposed to airborne transmissions which can cause illness  and  also avoid transmission of small droplets and particles that can linger in the air for several minutes . The need for protective clothing is evident, as most of these hazardous conditions are caused by either exposure to airborne transmissions  or by touching contaminated objects. There are various types of protective pullovers  available in at Safe Kitz. These protective clothing are available in various sizes, colors, patterns and materials.

Waterproof Protective Apparel

These water resistant  disposable pullovers  are specifically designed to cover the body and provide protection to the wearer in any environment . These garments are available in various types of material, such as nylon, vinyl, and polyester. Polyester is one of the popular materials used to make protective clothing. The material is water-resistant and very flexible. It also makes it easy to wash. Our protective pullovers  are designed to provide maximum protection to the wearer against hazardous airborne transmissions  . The airborne hazardous  particles  may be present at the workplace or  when you travel and may come from other places. The substances may be present at the workplace in the form of aerosols, solvents, acids, and vapors. Another important aspect that can lead to serious health problems is exposure to these harmful substances at any environment . Thus, it is very essential to wear these protective garments.

Helping Professionals in Every Industry

The use of our inexpensive  Disposable pullovers  has been found beneficial in many industries. The industries include the food and beverage industry, construction industry, auto industry, manufacturing industry, transportation industry, petrochemical industry, paper industry, health care industry, petroleum and gas industry and the home industry the list goes on. Some of the industries that require the use of these garments include aerospace and defense industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, aerospace, food processing industry, paper industry, healthcare industry, petrochemical industry and mining industry. All of these industries are facing the problem of environmental pollution and are looking for an effective way to deal with these hazardous substances.

These hazardous particles  are found in the atmosphere at all times. They are present in the air, soil, water, and on the surfaces of the different products. The hazardous  vapors may come from the water, air or from the surfaces of the different products. These hazardous  vapors are very harmful to the human body and they may cause various health problems, especially to the human cells. These hazardous air bone transmission are found in the environment and on the surfaces  and pollute the environment by reacting with the organic and inorganic components of the environment. They can be found in the water and air and may be released due to various reasons.


Designed Keeping Security and Comfort

Safe Kitz’s Protective Apparel can provide the people with the required protection from these airborne transmissions . They are made up of special fabrics and protect you from these airborne transmissions . This way, these garments can reduce the chances of the harmful transmissions  getting absorbed into the skin and tissues of the people and also reduce the chances of the skin drying up and burning. They can also be used by the women in the fields like the aerospace industry for protection purposes. They are specially designed to absorb any type of liquid spills on the ground, and also absorb the liquid from the air. or from the spill on the ground. Therefore, it is advisable to use these garments for protection from all types of dangerous transmissions. These garments are not only necessary for protection, but also for comfort.