Helping The Community By Protecting Yourself

About Us

Safekitz, leading the industry for Safety Jackets  in a successful attempt to transforming how they look and feel.
Safekitz, established to develop Safety Jackets  with a touch of customization, is just what you need as you drive forwards to curb viruses and other macroscopic impurities in the air. Safekitz began as a regular protective wear company where people could meet people by protecting themselves and their loved ones. It was later that we felt that protection was a necessity and moving without could be hazardous.
Safekitz has since its entry into the Safety Jackets industry has helped ensure a future of protectiveness and safety. At Safekitz, undaunted diligence during production with premium grade material and an ultimate build quality helps integrate passion and integrity to the company’s overall operations.
As innovation and smart business processes have already made way to our production and administrative operations, we deliver Safety Jackets and the relevant aftersales support that our clients need. As innovative as it can get, we at Safekitz have recently designed for you the very customized fashion Safety Jackets clothing.